Former Region 2 (Johannesburg)

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Former Administrative Regions
(2000- 2006)
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Region 1
Region 2
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Region 11

Region 2 was an administrative district in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, from 2000 to 2006. It is known as the Midrand region. It bordered Region 3 (Sandton), Region 7 (Modderfontein), and Region 1 (Diepsloot). The region was abolished with a reorganisation of regions in 2006.[1]

The development of Region 2 has traditionally centred on the N1, the main highway that links Johannesburg to Pretoria to the north. Housing in Region 2 is mostly formal with many affluent suburbs. Midrand has not had much significant development, so a lot of open space remains. Region 2 currently has a population of 200,000. While many people in Region 2 are wealthy, the vast majority of residents are poor: 36% earn no reported income at all.


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