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Formosa may refer to:



  • Ria Formosa, meaning "beautiful river", a long-shore estuary on the Algarve


  • Ilha Formosa, literally meaning, "Beautiful Island", a Portuguese historical name for the Island of Taiwan
  • Republic of Formosa, a short-lived republic in 1895 on the island of Formosa (now known as Taiwan)
  • Formosa Strait, another name for the Taiwan Strait
  • A fort built by the Portuguese in Malacca in the 16th century
  • Dutch Formosa, the period of colonial Dutch government on Formosa (now known as Taiwan), lasting from 1624 to 1662
  • Taiwan under Japanese rule Formosa 1895 to 1945
  • Spanish Formosa, a Spanish colony established in the north of Taiwan from 1626 to 1642
  • A'Famosa, a Portuguese fortress located in Malacca, Malaysia.Controlled by Portugal (1511–1641) Netherlands (1641–1795) Britain (1795–1807)

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