Formosa Airlines Flight 7601

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Formosa Airlines Flight 7601
RUAG Aviation Do 228 NG D-CNEU 2.jpg
A Dornier Do 228NG, similar to the aircraft involved in the accident flying a display at Berlin Air Show 2012.
Date 10 August 1997
Summary Pilot error
Site Beigan, Lienchiang, Matsu Islands
Aircraft type Dornier Do 228
Operator Formosa Airlines
Registration B-12556
Flight origin Taipei Sungshan Airport, Taipei
Destination Matsu Beigan Airport, Matsu
Passengers 14
Crew 2
Fatalities 16
Survivors 0

Formosa Airlines Flight 7601 was an aviation accident that killed 16 people on 10 August 1997 in Beigan, Matsu Islands, Fujian, Republic of China.


Formosa Airlines Flight 7601, a Dornier Do 228 took off from Taipei Sungshan Airport at 07:37 local time with 14 passengers and two pilots on board for a flight to Matsu Beigan Airport. Rain and high winds caused the plane to miss its first approach to Matsu Beigan Airport. During its go around, the pilot turned right instead of left.[1] The aircraft crashed and caught fire after it struck a military water tower approximately one kilometer from the airport.[2] All 16 passengers and crew on board were killed.[3]

Shortly after the crash, a local weather official tried to commit suicide. The Director of the Civil Aeronautics Administration, Tsai Tui, said the suicide attempt stemmed from public outcry over the crash.[4]


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