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Formosa Plastics Group Museum
Formosa Plastics Group Museum advertisement on Formosa Fairway Gangxi Street stop board 20101012.jpg
LocationGuishan, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Coordinates25°2′5″N 121°23′17.2″E / 25.03472°N 121.388111°E / 25.03472; 121.388111Coordinates: 25°2′5″N 121°23′17.2″E / 25.03472°N 121.388111°E / 25.03472; 121.388111
Public transit accessNational Taiwan Sport University station

The Formosa Plastics Group Museum is located on the grounds of Chang Gung University. After opening to the public in 2004, it became a tourist attraction in Taoyuan. The museum has six above-ground exhibition floors and one basement exhibition area covering over 8,000 square meters. Its main purpose is to present two FPG founders Wang Yung-Ching and Wang Yung Tsai’s history. Free individual, scheduled group and holiday tours as well as recorded audio guides are available to visitors.


1st Floor The Spirit of the Formosa Plastics Group[edit]

The lobby features a fifty thousand year old piece of petrified wood at its center. For Mr. Wang Yung-Ching, the founder of the Formosa plastic Group (F.P.G). This was his collection’s first acquisition. It symbolizes FPG”s motto and logos are here, exhibited on a gold-colored matted steel plate. Digitized panels present the history of the FPG enterprise, including its development and overall values.

2nd Floor Memorial to the FPG Founder[edit]

This exhibit displays several noteworthy episodes from Mr. Wang Ying Ching’s life, beginning from the period of Japanese occupation in the early 20th century. Dioramas Feature wax figures engaging in various activities.

3rd Floor FPG’s Plastic and Textile Business[edit]

After its early days, when it used primitive ox- carts to transport plastics powders and antique textile machines, FPG developed into a modern enterprise that produces plastics and textiles.

4th Floor FPG’s Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant and Electronics Business[edit]

Placed along an artificial cavern, a series of small dioramas and models explains the processes of exploration and production for oil, natural gas and coal. Beyond these is a bird’s eye view of the entire of Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant displayed in miniature beneath a high-strength glass floor. In the fourth floor’s concluding exhibit, the development of FPG’s electronics business is illustrated by the evolution of computer components and circuit boards.

5th Floor Heavy Transportation Industries, Biotechnology and Green Energy[edit]

As they enter the FPG Heavy Transport exhibition, visitors are greeted by models of FPG’s first chemical and oil tankers as well as full sized cargo truck cab. Here, information on FPG’s globalization and expansion into green energy at the Earth Conservation Theater. Visitors can also experience driving an electric vehicle, manipulate LED lighting and try out other interactive exhibits.

6th Floor Giving Back to Society[edit]

The motif for this floor follows FPG’s creed: “That which is given by society should, in turn, be repaid for the betterment of society.” FPG has been involved with the community, including investment in educational institutions (including the establishment of three universities and assisting in the reconstruction schools after the 921 earthquake), the Chang Gung Hospitals, and the Chang Gung Health and Cultural Village. In addition, FPG has an ongoing commitment to the advancement of medical education and health care in Taiwan and to the protection of disadvantage groups.

B1 Basement floor Kauri Woods and Memorial Gift Shop Area[edit]

This area includes a simulated New Zealand Kauri Wood forest as well as the Memorial Gift Shop offers medical, biotech and environmental items produced by various subsidiaries of the Formosa Plastics Group. Specially selected goods are sold at discount prices during monthly sales.


By Public Transportation Take the Bus to Linkou Chang Gung Hospital and then take the transfer bus to Chang Gung University from the hospital. For more bus time schedule, please find information at Chang Gung University’s office of general affair website as below. Take the MRT The museum is accessible within walking distance from National Taiwan Sport University Station of Taoyuan Airport MRT. To cope with Chang Gung University's visitor parking policy, all visitors to the museum must register their vehicles to obtain temporary parking permits and entry tickets. Before leaving the Formosa plastic Group museum, please stamp your ticket at the reception desk to have 3-hour free parking. (Once the ticket is stamped, please leave the campus in 30 minutes or an overtime parking charge will be required.)

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