Formula 1 98

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Formula 1 98
Formula 1 98
PAL region Cover art
Developer(s) Visual Science
Publisher(s) Psygnosis
Platform(s) PlayStation
  • EU: 30 October 1998
  • NA: 30 November 1998
Genre(s) Racing simulation
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer

Formula 1 98 is a racing video game and the sequel to the 1997 video game Formula 1 97. The game was first released in Europe on 30 October 1998 for the Sony PlayStation, and was developed by Psygnosis which held the official Formula 1 game licence at the time.

Jarno Trulli appears on the front cover of this edition, however some other versions (such as the British version) have the 1998 World Champion, Mika Häkkinen, on the front cover, and in the United States version, it has Eddie Irvine on the cover. The British version of the front cover also has the ITV logo, the official broadcasters of F1 in the UK at the time. The game is comparible to other racing games such as Need for Speed.


Following the departure of Bizarre Creations, Psygnosis offered Reflections Interactive the chance to develop Formula 1 98. However, they pulled out to make Driver. Visual Science were hired to make the game. The game was rushed for release to coincide with the final race of the 1998 Formula One season. As a result of this the game ended up being very poorly received by various gaming publications.[1]

The game was a bestseller in the UK.[2]


The game features 16 official Formula One circuits based on the 1998 Formula One season plus 2 hidden tracks which can be accessed with cheat codes. One is based upon a Hippodrome although it says "Coloseum" in the selection screen and the other one is a Stunttrack.


PlayStation Power gave the game a review of 69%, noting that "Psygnosis have managed to cock up the one uncockupable licence on the PlayStation" and that it was far worse than both F1 '97 and the original F1 game on the PlayStation.[3]


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