Formula 4 Sudamericana

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Fórmula 4 Sudamericana
CategoryFormula 4
RegionSouth America
Inaugural season2014
Engine suppliersFiat
Tyre suppliersPirelli
Drivers' championUruguay Facundo Garese
Official websiteOfficial website
Motorsport current event.svg Current season
Gran Premio Coronación, final round of the 2016 Fórmula 4 Sudamericana

The Fórmula 4 Sudamericana (Portuguese: Fórmula 4 Sul-Americana) is a Formula 4 racing class that debuted in 2014. The class uses the same chassis and engines used previously in the Formula Future Fiat.


The series was launched in April 2013. The organization bought 20 Signatech chassis with support of the Asociación Uruguaya de Volantes.[1] The cars had their shakedown in February 2014. At the Autódromo Víctor Borrat Fabini Alessandro Salerno, Mauro Marino and Mateo Maffioly tested the car.[2] The series first race took place at Polideportivo Ciudad de Mercedes in Uruguay on April 6, 2014.

After a hiatus in 2017, the series was revived in 2018 and renamed Fórmula Academy Sudamericana.

The car[edit]

The chassis of this singleseater class is built by French automotive company Signatech. It is the same chassis used in European Formula Renault 1.6 series (like the French F4 Championship) as of 2008. The monocoque is made out of carbon fiber. The car is powered by a 1.8L Fiat E.torQ engine.[3] The engine puts out 160hp.


Season Champion Secondary Class Champion
2014 Brazil Bruno Baptista not awarded
2015 Brazil Pedro Cardoso A: Peru Rodrigo Pflucker
B: Brazil Pedro Cardoso
2016 Uruguay Facundo Garese not awarded


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