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Industry Motorboat
Founded Miami, Florida, United States (1962 (1962))
Founder Don Aronow
Headquarters Decatur, Indiana, U.S.
Area served

Formula is a brand of pleasure boats produced in the United States and sold around the world. Formula is owned and operated by Thunderbird Products.


Formula was originally a company founded by Don Aronow in 1962 in Miami, Florida. The first successful model was the original 233 Deep-V hull.

Formula was purchased by the Alliance Machine Company of Alliance, Ohio in 1964, later combined with Thunderbird Products, and then sold to Fuqua Industries as Thunderbird/Formula in 1969. Vic Porter purchased Thunderbird/Formula from Fuqua in 1976. Porter and his children still own and operate the company today.[1] Formula is now the brand of boats sold, and Thunderbird is the company name itself.


Formula is based in Decatur, Indiana and currently manufactures 22 models. These power pleasure boat models include bowriders from 24 to 35 feet, cruisers from 24 to 40 feet, Go-fast boats from 29 to 38 feet, and a 45-foot yacht.

Formula boats are known for their racing heritage; a Formula boat won the American Power Boat Association World Championships in both 2000 and 2003. In 2006, Formula's Unlimited Hydroplane took first place in the ABRA National High Points.[2][3]

Current Models[edit]

Formula has built several models of boats throughout the years. Their current lineup includes self-described breakdowns as follows: Bowriders, Sun Sports, Super Sports, FX, Performance Cruisers, Yachts, and FAS3Tech.


Formula's Bowriders start at 24 feet LOA with a beam of 8 foot 6 inches to and ranges to a 35-foot LOA crossover bowrider with a 10-foot 9 inch beam. Models include:

  • 240 Bowrider
  • 270 Bowrider
  • 290 Bowrider
  • 310 Bowrider
  • 330 Crossover Bowrider
  • 350 Crossover Bowrider

Sun Sport[edit]

The Sun Sport line mimics the same layout as Formula's bowriders of the same model numbers. The differing feature is that instead of a front open bow area, the Sun Sport line features a cabin below deck. This is often more popular with those who like to sleep over night in their boats. The 2013 line includes:

  • 240 Sun Sport
  • 270 Sun Sport
  • 290 Sun Sport
  • 310 Sun Sport
  • 350 Sun Sport

Super Sport[edit]

The Formula Super Sport models are the continuation of the Sun Sport line. They provide a more slender beam compared to bigger boats. Models include:

  • 370 Super Sport
  • 400 Super Sport


The FX model is creates a compromise between the Go-fast boaters and those who prefer more of the amenities found in Sun Sports, Super Sports, and Cruisers. These boats include higher-powered engines than the Sun Sport and Super Sport as well as an upgraded interior. The FX line includes several options in both cabin and bowrider configurations.

  • 290 FX4 BR
  • 290 FX4
  • 310 FX5 BR
  • 310 FX5
  • 350 FX6 CBR
  • 350 FX6
  • 370 FX7
  • 400 FX8

Performance Cruiser[edit]

The performance cruiser models provide more room and amenities in the cabin below deck by sacrificing some space in the cockpit, and not providing seating in the bow area. Formula's models include:

  • 31 Performance Cruiser
  • 34 Performance Cruiser
  • 37 Performance Cruiser
  • 40 Performance Cruiser


While Formula has created several models of yachts over the years, 2013 provides only one model. This model provides the same amenities of a cruiser with far more space and more spacious sleeping berths below deck.

  • 45 Yacht


Go-fast are at the center of Formula boat's legacy. Formula has a heritage of boat racing. The FAS3Tech models provide boaters with offshore racing performance with speeds beyond 80 mph.[4]

  • 292 FAS3Tech
  • 353 FAS3Tech
  • 383 FAS3Tech


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