Formula of Love

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Formula of Love
(Формула любви)
Directed by Mark Zakharov
Written by Grigori Gorin (screenplay)
Aleksei Tolstoy (story)
Starring Aleksandr Abdulov
Semyon Farada
Leonid Bronevoy
Nodar Mgaloblishvili
Music by Gennadi Gladkov (score)
Yuli Kim (lyrics)
Yuri Rabinovich (sound)
Cinematography Vladimir Nakhabtsev
Edited by Valentina Kulagina (ed.)
Viktor Yushin (production design)
Distributed by Mosfilm
T/O Ekran
Release date
December 30, 1984
Running time
90 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Formula of Love (Russian: Формула любви, translit. Formula lyubvi) is a 1984 Soviet romantic fantasy comedy film directed by Mark Zakharov, from a screenplay by Grigori Gorin. It is loosely based on the story "Count Cagliostro" by Aleksei Tolstoy about a magician who sets out to prove humans power against the gods by fabricating love without the influence of the gods. It also follows the story lines of the woman he is trying to force to fall in love, the family with which they are staying and the stories of his servants.


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