Formulation of Proclamation Text Museum

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Formulation of Proclamation Text Museum
Museum Perumusan Naskah Proklamasi
Formulation of Proclamation Text Museum is located in Jakarta
Formulation of Proclamation Text Museum
Location within Jakarta
EstablishedNovember 24, 1992
LocationJl. Imam Bonjol no. 1, 10310, Jakarta, Indonesia
Coordinates6°12′02″S 106°49′52″E / 6.200552°S 106.831041°E / -6.200552; 106.831041
TypeHistory museum

The Formulation of Proclamation Text Museum (Indonesian: Museum Perumusan Naskah Proklamasi) is a history museum in Jakarta, Indonesia. The building is where the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence was formulated.


The building[edit]

The building was converted into a residence for Rear Admiral Tadashi Maeda in 1942.

The building was built in 1920 following the design of J.F.L. Blankenberg.[1] It is a two-floored, 1,138 m2 Art-Deco-style building over a 3,914 m2 plot of land.[2][3] In 1931, the building was bought by insurance company Jiwasraya.[3] During the Pacific War, the building was used by the British General Consulate. During the occupation of Japan period, the building became the residence of Rear Admiral Tadashi Maeda until the arrival of the Allied on Indonesia in September 1945, when the building was returned to the British.[3] The building was rented by the English Embassy from 1961 until 1981 when the building was given to the Indonesian Department of Education and Culture on December 28, 1981.[2][3] During the year of 1982, the building was transformed into a state library and then into office building.[3]

The museum[edit]

Because of the role of the building in the formulation of the independence proclamation text in 1984, Minister of Education and Culture Nugroho Notosusanto directed that it be converted into a museum.[3] The official inauguration of the Museum of the Formulation of Proclamation Text Museum was on November 24, 1992.[3]


The museum is divided into four sections containing items related to the formulation of the proclamation text. Most of the furniture is replica because the building changed hands several times.[2][3] The museum displays wax sculptures of historic figures as well as photos and records.

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