Forollhogna National Park

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Forollhogna National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Forollhogna National Park logo.svg
View northwards from ascent of the mountain Forollhogna
Location Counties of Sør-Trøndelag and Hedmark, Norway
Nearest city Røros
Coordinates 62°38′N 10°40′E / 62.633°N 10.667°E / 62.633; 10.667Coordinates: 62°38′N 10°40′E / 62.633°N 10.667°E / 62.633; 10.667
Area 1,062 km2 (410 sq mi)
Established 21 December 2001
Governing body Directorate for Nature Management

Forollhogna National Park (Norwegian: Forollhogna nasjonalpark) is a national park in the counties of Sør-Trøndelag and Hedmark, Norway. Forollhogna (or Forelhogna) park includes extensive plant life and is an important range for wild reindeer. The park lies in the municipalities of Kvikne, Tynset, Tolga, and Os in Hedmark and Holtålen, Midtre Gauldal, and Rennebu in Sør-Trøndelag.

The scenery of Forollhogna consists of large alpine areas, with gentle slopes rising from the valleys below—an area often referred to as "the gentle mountains". Here are thriving villages and a lush cultural landscape formed by the region's farming traditions. For centuries the mountain farms have been in use during the summer, and many still are. This is the setting of Forollhogna National Park, Norway's 19th park to be so designated.[1][2]


The name is a composition of two words. The last element is the finite form of hogn which means "defender" or "protector" (this tall and impressive mountain mark the border between Trøndelag and Hedmark). The first element comes the name of the lake in the central part of the park: Forollen (Forollsjøen).


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