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Type of site
Financial & business news
Available in Polish
Owner INFOR Biznes
Editor Daniel Rzasa
Commercial Yes
Launched 2008
Current status Active is a Polish language web site covering financial and business news. It has a readership of approximately 500.000 unique visitors per month and has roughly 3 million page views per month. has been ranked among the 10 most influential business news media outlets in Poland by the Institute of Media Monitoring, both in 2011[1] and 2012.[2] It was also voted one of the most important investment news sources by members of the Polish Association of Individual Investors in 2012.[3]

Articles published by were quoted by various newspapers and media outlets, including The Economist's blog 'Eastern Approaches',[4] Spiegel Online,[5] Bloomberg,[6] ITAR-TASS,[7] Gazeta Wyborcza[8] and the Polish edition of Forbes magazine .[9] is a part of INFOR Biznes sp. z o.o. The web site cooperates closely with business news & legal weekday newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, which is also one of INFOR Biznes's proprietaries.

INFOR Biznes is owned in 51% by the Polish publishing company INFOR PL[10] and in 49% by Ringier Axel Springer Media AG, which is a joint venture between the Swiss publishing company Ringier and the German publishing company Axel Springer.[11]


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