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Personal information
Born (1990-12-16) 16 December 1990 (age 30)
Umeå, Sweden[1]
OccupationVideo game streamer
Partner(s)Nina Heichou
Twitch information
Years active2011–present
Teams played forCloud9
Followers1.5 million
(21 June 2021)
Total views156.2 million
(21 June 2021)
Follower and view counts updated as of 21 June 2021.

Sebastian Hans Eli Fors (born 16 December 1990), known by the pseudonym Forsen, is a Swedish Twitch streamer who is known for competing in Starcraft II and Hearthstone.[2] He is also known for his rowdy fanbase, who call themselves "Forsenboys" or "Forsen Bajs" and have had a hand in popularizing a number of controversial internet memes.[2][3][4] In January 2018, a warped image of Fors' face ("forsenE") became the most-used emote on Twitch worldwide.[5]

In Hearthstone, he won his first tournament in the May 2015 HTC Invitational,[6] and won a Play it Cool streaming marathon in October 2015.[7] Forsen was one of the top four Hearthstone streamers in 2015, streaming to up to 45,000 viewers on his live stream on Twitch.[8] He was once known as one of the game's most skilled Miracle Rogue experts.[2] In February 2018, Forsen led his four-player team to victory in a $100,000 Twitch Rivals PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Invitational tournament, taking home $13,600.[9][10] The following month, he also participated in Darwin Project Invitational tournament, taking first place and winning US$20,000.[11] In December 2018, he achieved a personal all-time high viewer count of 80,860.[12] In late 2020, Forsen began a friendly rivalry with fellow streamer xQc, the pair competing to achieve the fastest time in a speedrun of Minecraft.[13][14] As of April 2021, Forsen has a personal best of 20:38, seven seconds faster than the 20:45 best time of xQc.[15]

On 26 November 2020, Forsen received an indefinite suspension from Twitch after he accidentally showed a GIF sent to him by a viewer displaying a sexually explicit interaction between a woman and a horse on stream.[16] He was unbanned after a month.[17]


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