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Frontpage of the popular science web newspaper (4th of jan 2017)
Type Daily newspaper
Format Online
Owner(s) Foreningen for drift av
Editor Nina Kristiansen[1]
Political alignment Neutral
Headquarters Torshov, Oslo
Country  Norway
Circulation 33,000 (as of January 2016)
Sister newspapers sciencenordicVidenskap
Website (science and research) is an Oslo-based online newspaper established by The Research Council of Norway in 2002. It publishes news about science and research from Norway and abroad. The web site is run by Foreningen for drift av, a non-profit organization which has 78 research institutions as members. has its own writers and journalists and freelance writers. In addition articles are submitted by the research institutes and then edited by staff before being published.[2]

While the newspaper has owners the editor and journalists choose what to write, and is an independent newspaper run after the rules of The Association of Norwegian Editors.[2][3] They cooperate with the corresponding Danish online newspaper,[4], among other things about the English-language news service,, which was established in 2011.[5] has an average of 33,000 visits per day in January 2016 and 1 million visits per month.[6] Nina Kristiansen is the editor in charge since 2007. She took over after Erik Tunstad.[7]

History[edit] was launched in 2002. The site's initial editor was Erik Tunstad at the time and first managing director was Steinar Q. Andersen.[8]

The site was launched in 2002 after the initiative of the Research Council of Norway, and a total of 12 research institutions participated in the establishment. The idea was simple: to establish a dissemination information campaign, and then hand over the control to an independent editorial staff, working under The Association of Norwegian Editors and in accordance with Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press.[8][9][10]

An editorial of three, later five people, was established in a small yellow house at Mølla in Oslo. Ingrid Spilde and Arnfinn Christensen are the only ones left from the beginning, who are still working in today.[8] Today there are 77 research and education institutions that participate in the cooperation. These can also make submissions, which is considered and edited, and which is clearly marked with the institution as the sender. The editorial staff consists of 14 people: journalists, editor, editorial director and editors.[11]



List of owners:[15]

Former owners[edit]


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