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FortNotes Online Password Manager
Developer(s) DarkPark
Initial release April 19, 2012 (2012-04-19)
Stable release
Type Online password manager
License GPLv3

FortNotes Online Password Manager is a completely free web based password manager based on the AES encryption in the browser developed by a developer in Ukraine.


After a user registration and logging in a password is set to locally encrypt/decrypt data using SJCL (Stanford Javascript Crypto Library).[1] The server-side stores only an encrypted data. The registration and authentication is also anonymous.

Single piece of information in the system is called "note". There are types of notes: email, site, jabber/icq/msn/skype account, ssh/ftp. Each note consists of one or more "entries" - line of text, URI, email address or multi-line block of text. A list of tags can be assigned to a note. There is a set of system tags. Tags are used to perform server-side searching. Client-side additional filtration is available after a search.


  • Notes, entries and tags are encrypted/decrypted locally in the browser
  • One master password
  • Cross-browser access
  • Tag-based search with additional filtering
  • Secure random password generation

Source code[edit]

FortNotes is an open source project and available in the mercurial public repository.[2]

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