Fort Amherst, St. John's

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Fort Amherst
Fort Amherst from Signal Hill
Fort Amherst from Signal Hill
Country  Canada
Province  Newfoundland and Labrador
City St. John's
Ward 2
 • Administrative body St. John's City Council
 • Councilor

Frank Galgay

Official name Fort Amherst National Historic Site of Canada
Designated 1951

Fort Amherst is a neighbourhood in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. It is located at 47°33′48.96″N 52°40′49.60″W / 47.5636000°N 52.6804444°W / 47.5636000; -52.6804444Coordinates: 47°33′48.96″N 52°40′49.60″W / 47.5636000°N 52.6804444°W / 47.5636000; -52.6804444, on the southern side of The Narrows, the entrance to St. John's harbour. Apart from some family dwellings, Fort Amherst consists of a man-made harbour,[1] a lighthouse[2] and the remains of gun emplacements built during World War II to defend against German U-boats.[3]

The original fortifications at Fort Amherst, built in the 1770s, are no longer visible.[3] The fortifications were named for William Amherst,[4] who successfully recaptured St. John's from French forces in 1762.[5] The site was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1951.[6]

The name is shared with Port La-Joye / Fort Amherst in Prince Edward Island and Fort Amherst in England.

The first lighthouse in Newfoundland was built at Fort Amherst in 1810.[7] The current lighthouse was built in 1951.[2]

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