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Fort Bay is the official and only port on the island of Saba and sits on the south side of the island. The port is very important for the island as most of its supplies arrive here by boat. The port is small in size as it currently only has two piers.


The larger pier is dedicated to the cargo boats and the loading and unloading of dive boats, while the second smaller pier is mostly used by local fishermen. The port is also home to the Saba Sea Rescue Organization that have a rescue ship stationed just outside the mouth to the port. The ship is equipped with decompression tanks, rescue equipment and personnel. On land, there are also two decompression tanks that are used in diving emergency situations.

The port also contains two bars and one restaurant which are frequently visited by locals and tourists. Additionally the only gas station on the island is situated here and is supplied by Royal Dutch Shell.

Fort Bay has repeatedly been destroyed by hurricanes that affect the island. The latest hurricane to destroy one of the piers was Hurricane Omar in 2008.


Fort Bay has two transport routes with the neighboring islands of St. Maarten and Sint Eustatius. The two companies that operate these routes are The Edge and The Dawn 2. Both offices are located on the island.


Coordinates: 17°36′59″N 63°15′05″W / 17.6164°N 63.2514°W / 17.6164; -63.2514