Fort Buchanan, Arizona

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Fort Buchanan
Sonoita Creek, Arizona
Fort Buchanan ruins 1914.jpg
The ruins of Fort Buchanan in 1914
Coordinates 31°39′27″N 110°42′25″W / 31.65750°N 110.70694°W / 31.65750; -110.70694Coordinates: 31°39′27″N 110°42′25″W / 31.65750°N 110.70694°W / 31.65750; -110.70694
Type Army post
Site information
Controlled by  Arizona
Condition tourist attraction
Site history
Built 1856
Built by  United States
In use 1856 - 1865

Apache Wars

Garrison information
United States Michael Buckley
Occupants United States United States Army

Fort Buchanan was a United States Army post founded in 1856 three miles southwest of present-day Sonoita, Arizona in what is now called Hog Canyon. The fort was located on the east slope of the canyon and was under constant threat from Apaches . The dramatic increase in fighting with the Apache was initiated by the Lt "Bascom Affair" that was started near Sonoita. Lt Bascom and his patrol were based at Ft Buchanan. The post was officially abandoned in 1861 but during the American Civil War troops of the California Column occasionally manned the post. In February 1865 Apaches attacked and forced the small garrison to retreat. It was then abandoned for good and Fort Crittenden was established half a mile east on the flats in 1867.[1]