Fort Coenraadsburg

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Fort Coenraadsburg
Part of Dutch Gold Coast
St Jago.JPG
17th-century view on Elmina. Fort Elmina is on the left, Fort Coenraadsburg on the right.
Fort Coenraadsburg is located in Ghana
Fort Coenraadsburg
Fort Coenraadsburg
Coordinates 5°05′04″N 1°21′03″W / 5.08444°N 1.35083°W / 5.08444; -1.35083
Site history
Built 1652 (1652)
Garrison information
Occupants Netherlands (1652-1872)

Fort Coenraadsburg or Conraadsburg, also Fort Sao Jago da Mina, is a fort on the Dutch Gold Coast, built in 1652 to protect Fort Elmina from attacks. It was built on the site of a fortified chapel that the Portuguese had built and that the Dutch had burned to the ground in the Battle of Elmina (1637). The Dutch ceded the fort to Britain in 1872, together with the entire Dutch Gold Coast.