Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Coordinates: 40°35′06″N 105°04′25″W / 40.5849°N 105.0737°W / 40.5849; -105.0737
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Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
Established2012 (2012)
LocationFort Collins, Colorado
Coordinates40°35′06″N 105°04′25″W / 40.5849°N 105.0737°W / 40.5849; -105.0737
TypeScience and Local History
DirectorCheryl Donaldson, Executive Co-director
Laura Valdez, Executive Co-director

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is an all-ages, science, history and cultural museum established in 2008 through a public-private partnership between the City of Fort Collins' Fort Collins Museum and nonprofit Discovery Science Center.[1] The museum, which opened in November 2012 and drew approximimately one million visitors in its first decade,[2] is located at 408 Mason Court, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery archives house photographs, books, and other materials covering local history including those from the Johnson site in Larimer County, Colorado.[3]


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