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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Fort Donelson of the American Civil War. Order of battle compiled from the casualty returns,[1] and the reports.[2] The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military Rank[edit]


Union Forces[edit]

District of Cairo[edit]

BG Ulysses S. Grant, Commanding

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     BG John A. McClernand

1st Brigade
K-184, W-603, M-66 = 853

   Col Richard J. Oglesby

2nd Brigade
K-99, W-350, M-98 = 547

   Col William H. L. Wallace

3rd Brigade
K-28, W-105, M-19 = 152

   Col William R. Morrison (w)
   Col Isham N. Haynie[4][5]
   Col Leonard F. Ross

  • 17th Illinois: Col Leonard F. Ross, Maj Francis M. Smith, Cpt Henry H. Bush
  • 49th Illinois: Ltc Phineas Pease
  • Battery H, 1st Missouri Artillery
  • Battery K, 1st Missouri Artillery

Second Division

     BG Charles F. Smith

1st Brigade
K-69, W-340, M-20 = 429

   Col John McArthur

3rd Brigade
K-10, W-109, M-2 = 121

   Col John Cook

4th Brigade
K-55, W-301, M-1 = 357

   Col Jacob G. Lauman

5th Brigade
K-11, W-69, M-0 = 80

   Col Morgan L. Smith[7]

Third Division[8]

     BG Lew Wallace

1st Brigade
K-35, W-182, M-16 = 233

   Col Charles Cruft

2nd Brigade[9]
K6, W-15, M-1 = 22


3rd Brigade
K-3, W-24, M-1 = 28

   Col John M. Thayer

K-0, W-20, M-0 = 20

Western Flotilla[edit]

Flag Officer Andrew H. Foote (w)

Class Vessel

City class ironclad

U.S.S. St. Louis

Lieutenant Leonard Paulding
(K-2, W-8, M-0 = 10)

U.S.S. Carondelet

Commander Henry Walke
(K-5, W-28, M-0 = 33)

U.S.S. Louisville

Commander Benjamin M. Dove
(K-4, W-5, M-0 = 9)

U.S.S. Pittsburgh

Lieutenant Egbert Thompson
(K-0, W-2, M-0 = 2)


U.S.S. Tyler

Lieutenant William Gwin

U.S.S. Conestoga

Lieutenant Seth L. Phelps

U.S.S. Lexington

Lieutenant James Shirk

Rear Guard[edit]

These units were attached to the District of Cairo but were posted to guard duty and did not take part in the campaign against Fort Donelson.[10]

Post Brigade Regiments and Others

Bird's Point, MO

4th Brigade
(1st Division)

   Col James D. Morgan

Cairo, IL


   BG Eleazar A. Paine

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