Fort Frederiksborg

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Fort Frederiksborg
Part of Danish Gold Coast
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Site history
Built1661 (1661)
Garrison information
OccupantsDenmark (1661-1679)
England (1679-1700)

Fort Frederiksborg, later Fort Royal, was a Danish and later English fort on the Gold Coast in contemporary Ghana. It was built in 1661, with the approval of the King of Fetu, a few hundred yards from Cape Coast Castle, which was at that time in Swedish hands, on Amanfro Hill.[1]


Frederiksborg was a small fort from which Cape Coast Castle could easily be bombarded. It functioned for a short time as the headquarters of the Danish West India Company on the Danish Gold Coast, before it was moved to Christiansborg Castle in Osu.[2]

After the English in 1665 took over Cape Coast Castle, reinforced it, and used it as their new headquarters, the Danes had little use of their fort. The fort was first pawned to the English in 1679 before it was finally sold to them in 1685.[3]

The English reconstructed the fort in 1699 and renamed it Fort Royal. They soon abandoned it again, however.[3]


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