Fort George, Bombay

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Fort George
Mumbai fort remains 6.jpg
Remains of the fort wall near St. George Hospital
Fort George, Bombay is located in Mumbai
Fort George, Bombay
Location within Mumbai
General information
Type Fort
Location Fort, Mumbai
Coordinates 18°56′27″N 72°50′15″E / 18.94090°N 72.83759°E / 18.94090; 72.83759
Elevation 13 m (43 ft)
Current tenants St George Hospital
Completed 1769
Destroyed 1862
Client British

Fort George was an extension to the fortified walls of Bombay (now Mumbai) built in 1769; it was situated in the present Fort area, to the east on the site of the former Dongri Fort. The hill on which the Dongri fort stood was razed, and in its place Fort George was built. In 1862, the fort was demolished.


Plan of Bombay fort

The fort was 1 mile (1.6 km) long and about a third of a mile in breadth (500 m). Its length was from NNE to SSW, and it was named in honour of George III of the United Kingdom.

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