Fort Goede Hoop, Ghana

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Fort Goede Hoop
Part of Dutch Gold Coast
Fort Goede Hoop (Ghana).png
Fort Goede Hoop in 1709.
Fort Goede Hoop is located in Ghana
Fort Goede Hoop
Fort Goede Hoop
Coordinates 5°23′15″N 0°29′23″W / 5.3874°N 0.4898°W / 5.3874; -0.4898
Site history
Built 1667 (1667)
Garrison information
Occupants Netherlands (1667-1868)

Fort Goede Hoop or Fort Good Hope was a fort on the Dutch Gold Coast, established in 1667 near Senya Beraku.

Early in 1782, Captain Thomas Shirley in the 50-gun ship Leander and the sloop-of-war Alligator sailed to the Dutch Gold Coast. Britain was at war with The Netherlands and Shirley captured the small Dutch forts at Moree (Fort Nassau - 20 guns), Kormantin (Courmantyne or - 32 guns), Apam (Fort Lijdzaamheid or Fort Patience - 22 guns), Senya Beraku (Fort Goede Hoop - 18 guns), and Accra (Fort Crêvecoeur or Ussher Fort - 32 guns).[1]

The fort was occupied between 1782 and 1785 by the British, as well as by the local Akim population between 1811 and 1816. In 1868, the fort was ceded to the United Kingdom in a large trade of forts between the Netherlands and Britain.


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