Fort Hill Cemetery

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Coordinates: 42°55′29″N 76°34′18″W / 42.92472°N 76.57167°W / 42.92472; -76.57167

Fort Hill Cemetery
Fort Hill Cemetery Gatehouse.JPG
Location 19 Fort St, Auburn, New York

Fort Hill Cemetery, founded in 1851, is a cemetery located in downtown Auburn, New York. It features headstones of such notable people as William H. Seward with his son, William H. Seward, Jr.. It also included Harriet Tubman who is resting on Fort Hill Cemetery's "West Lawn C", beneath a large tree with two small bushes on each side of her headstone, Martha Coffin Wright, Myles Walter Keogh, and Thomas Mott Osborne.[1]

The cemetery is built on what was once a fortified village of the Cayuga Indians.[2] It also features a 56 ft (17 m). high limestone obelisk monument to Chief Logan, famed chief of the Cayuga Indians.[3]

The Bradley Mortuary Chapel (which also serves as the cemetery office and gatehouse) was designed by the architect Julius A. Schweinfurth in a Gothic Revival style and completed in 1893. Julius A. Schweinfurth was a brother and partner to Charles F. Schweinfurth.



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