Fort Madhogarh

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Fort Madhogarh is located in Madhogarh Village, 42 km from Jaipur off the Jaipur - Agra highway (NH 11). Fort Madhogarh was built by Madho Singh Ji nearly 400 years ago and renovated and converted into heritage hotel by Thakur Bhawani Singh Ji in July 2000.


Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II was married in Madhogarh family and gave Madhogarh as a hereditary estate to Thakur Pratap Singh Ji a Rajput of Bhati clan. Fort Madhogarh is 400-year-old property build by Madho Singh who belongs to a Rajput of Kachava Clan

In 2000, it was converted into a heritage hotel by the family of Thakur Bhawani Singh.