Fort Madison, Nuku Hiva

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Fort Madison
naval base
Commodore Porter off Nuku Hiva.gif
The American fleet at Madisonville in 1813, Fort Madison can be seen at the hill with the flagpole.
Built by:  United States
Location: Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, Pacific Ocean
In use: 1813 - 1814

War of 1812

Fort Madison, on Nuku Hiva, was the first naval base of the United States in the Pacific Ocean. It was built by Commodore David Porter in October and November 1813, during the Anglo-American War, for protecting the village of Madisonville from British and Marquesan attacks. The fortification was named after President James Madison and armed with four cannons. Fort Madison was attacked only once, by British mutineers, in May 1814, and abandoned soon after.[1]

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Coordinates: 8°54′55″S 140°05′42″W / 8.9153°S 140.0950°W / -8.9153; -140.0950