Fort Meade National Cemetery

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Fort Meade National Cemetery
CountryUnited States
Coordinates44°24′09″N 103°28′36″W / 44.40250°N 103.47667°W / 44.40250; -103.47667Coordinates: 44°24′09″N 103°28′36″W / 44.40250°N 103.47667°W / 44.40250; -103.47667
TypeUnited States National Cemetery
(closed to new interments)
Size1.9 acres (0.77 ha)
No. of graves235
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Fort Meade National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery located near the city of Sturgis in Meade County, South Dakota. Administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, it encompasses 1.9 acres (0.77 ha). It is maintained by Black Hills National Cemetery.


First established on September 24, 1878, by the surviving members of George Armstrong Custer's 7th Cavalry, not long after Fort Meade was constructed. It was named for General George Meade. It has been closed to new interments since the end of World War II.

Fort Meade National Cemetery was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 22, 1973.

Noteworthy monuments[edit]

  • An obelisk monument honors the memory of two soldiers from the 7th Cavalry.

Notable interments[edit]


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