Fort Monostor

Coordinates: 47°45′04″N 18°05′44.5″E / 47.75111°N 18.095694°E / 47.75111; 18.095694
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Fort Monostor

Fort Monostor (Hungarian: Monostori Erőd) (also referred to as Fort Sandberg) is a fort is situated close to the city of Komárom, Hungary. It was built between 1850 and 1871 like part of the fortification system of Komárom.[1] After World War II the Soviets built the biggest ammunition storage in the Fortress of Monostor. Thousands of wagons of ammunition were forwarded from the strictly guarded objects.[2] One of a series of forts in the area, Monostor is open to the public as a museum.[3] It also hosts Europe Gate, a sculpture made of light-transmitting concrete.[4]

Film and TV[edit]

Fort Monostor was used as a filming location in the HBO's Strike Back (S03E09) and the second season of Netflix's Shadow And Bone.[5]

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