Fort Normandeau

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Fort Normandeau
Exterior of the 1973 replica of Fort Normandeau.jpg
Fort Normandeau replica constructed in 1973
Location Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Built 1885 (used until 1893)
Website Historic Facts

Fort Normandeau is a historical site marking the birthplace of Red Deer, Alberta. It was occupied by the Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal in 1885 during the Riel Rebellion. The Fort is situated near the Red Deer Crossing along the Red Deer River.


Originally the river crossing was used by buffalo, deer, elk and other wildlife, later by First Nations People's that would follow the migrating buffalo, later still the fur traders, and settlers.

The City of Red Deer, Alberta sits about 5 kilometers to the east from the current site of the reconstructed Fort. The original location of the Fort was about half a kilometre to the west on what is now the Border Paving property.

The Canadian Pacific Railway line was originally planned to go through next to the original Fort site. However Reverend Leonard Gaetz offered half his land to the CPR to run through what is now downtown Red Deer. The City of Red Deer grew up around the line station. Today the population of Red Deer is approximately 110,000 people.

The Crossing was used by North-West Mounted Police until 1893 when it was abandoned.

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