Fort Santo Antonio

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Fort Santo Antonio
Part of Dutch Gold Coast
Axim Litho 1709.jpg
Fort Santo Antonio in Axim in 1709.
Fort Santo Antonio is located in Ghana
Fort Santo Antonio
Fort Santo Antonio
Coordinates 4°52′05″N 2°14′40″W / 4.8680°N 2.2444°W / 4.8680; -2.2444
Site history
Built 1515 (1515)
Garrison information
Occupants Portugal (1515-1642)
Netherlands (1642-1872)

Fort Santo Antonio was a fort built by the Portuguese in 1515 near the town of Axim, in what is now Ghana. In 1642, the Dutch captured the fort and subsequently made it part of the Dutch Gold Coast. The Dutch expanded the fort considerably before they turned it over, with the rest of their colony, to the British in 1872. The fort is now the property of the Ghanaian state and is open to the public.

At this fort, the Treaty of Axim was signed in 1642.

Fort Santo Antonio.