Fort Selkirk volcanic field

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Fort Selkirk volcanic field
Highest point
Elevation 1,239 m (4,065 ft)
Coordinates 62°56′N 137°23′W / 62.93°N 137.38°W / 62.93; -137.38
Location Yukon, Canada
Parent range Pacific Coast Ranges
Age of rock Holocene?
Mountain type Monogenetic volcanic field
Last eruption Unknown

The Fort Selkirk volcanic field is a monogenetic volcanic field in the Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province, Yukon Territory, Canada. It is the northernmost Holocene age volcanic field in Canada, located close to the connection of the Yukon and Pelly rivers. The youngest eruptions within the field are unknown. However, the youngest volcano Volcano Mountain produced lava flows that appear to be only a few hundred years old.

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