Fort Stephenson

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Fort Stephenson
Fremont, Ohio
Fort Stephenson.jpg
Fort Stephenson
Type Fort
Site information
Controlled by  Great Britain
 United States
Site history
Built ????
In use ????-????

Fort Stephenson (formerly known as "Fort Sandusky") was the site of the Battle of Fort Stephenson during the War of 1812, when it was commanded by Colonel George Croghan. The site of the fort is in the present-day town of Fremont, Ohio.


War of 1812[edit]

On August 1st, 1813 mixed British and Indian forces led an assault on Fort Stephenson. Over the course of two days, the severely outnumbered garrison, under the leadership of Major George Croghan; repelled all probes with the help of but one cannon, dubbed "Old Betsy."

A cast bronze memorial plaque affixed to a pink granite stone at the site commemorates the battle. Stating the following, "Fort Stephenson most gallantly defended by Major George Croghan with but 160 men against 1300 British and Indians under Henry Proctor and Tecumseh on August 2, 1813 ___ This tablet erected by Col. George Croghan Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 1903." (Sic)

The site Today[edit]

The hilltop where the original fort sat, still maintains the original stone retaining walls.

Birchard Public Library

The main branch of Birchard Public Library sites near the original foundations of the fort. This library serves all of Sandusky County.

The Tomb of Col. Croghan

The tomb and monument to Col. George Croghan are forward the Library's Croghan Street Entrance. Old Betsy is chained off overlooking the northern approach to the location.


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