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FW Citilink logo.png
Citilink Bus.JPG
Parent Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation (FWPTC)
Founded 1948
Headquarters 801 Leesburg Road[1]
Locale Fort Wayne and New Haven, Indiana
Service type transit bus, paratransit
Routes 12
Hubs 2
Stations 2
Fleet 51[1]
Annual ridership 2,011,992 [1]
Fuel type Diesel[1]
Chief executive Ken Housden (General Manager)[1]
Website Citilink

The Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation (FWPTC), branded as Citilink, is the public transportation operator for the metro area of Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana. Transportation is provided Monday through Saturday on twelve fixed route lines plus two deviation routes.[2] Citilink does not operate on Sundays and six holidays. Website is Facebook Citilink (official). Real time information on RouteShout app.

New Citilink Central Station[edit]

"NEW CITILINK DEPOT" "History" – Citilink initiated efforts to develop an improved Downtown Transit Station in 2002. A site selection process identified a parking lot on Barr Street between Washington & Jefferson as optimum; however, after years of effort and preliminary design, inability to acquire sufficient property proved to be an insurmountable barrier. Other options were explored and the decision was made to use property owned by Citilink at Baker & Calhoun; which had served as the south transit terminal several years ago. The facility was redesigned and received federal & local approvals. A construction contract for $4.4 Million has been awarded to Hamilton Hunter Builders. This was completed in September, 2012.

"Amenities" – The project plans call for a 2,700-square-foot building equipped with indoor restrooms, an information center and a drivers lounge. The property will also contain bus bays covered with large canopies to protect waiting passengers from rain and snow. Passengers and neighbors will be able to purchase bus passes, speak with customer service staff, pick up maps & schedules, wait in comfort inside or out, use the restroom, receive electronic messages regarding on-time status of buses and other notifications, enjoy the community park area, listen to musicians, eat lunch from one of the food vendors or vending machines, etc.

"Connectivity" – One of the benefits of the Baker Street site is the proximity to the train station. When efforts to encourage passenger rail to return to downtown Fort Wayne are successful we will be right next door. Discussions are underway to encourage Greyhound/intercity bus service to operate out of our new facility and several parking spaces will be dedicated for passenger drop off/pick up for taxi, Countilink, social service, kiss & ride, etc. Bike racks and other amenities are incorporated into the design as well as pedestrian friendly features.

"Downtown Revitalization" – Citilink is pleased to be a partner in efforts to invest in Downtown Fort Wayne development. Design features were selected to compliment surrounding architecture; red brick to match surrounding buildings, canopies reminiscent of Barr Street Market and the train station, two story building frontage, pouring patterns in sidewalk, decorative lighting, etc. With ridership at nearly two million passenger trips per year, Citilink will bring over 5,000 passengers/day to the station – adding vitality to the surrounding neighborhood.

Route list[edit]

  • 1 Waynedale via Broadway—Northcrest
  • 1A Waynedale via Social Security
  • 2 Time Corners—Georgetown
  • 3 Canterbury via IPFW—Village Woods
  • 4 Wells/Ludwig—Parkview
  • 5 Southeast—Southgate Plaza
  • 6 Centlivre/Franke Park—McKinnie
  • 7 Anthony/Oxford
  • 7A Anthony/Creigton
  • 8 Glenbrook/Northrop—Calhoun/Tillman
  • 9 Brooklyn/Taylor—St. Francis/Gateway
  • 10 New Haven

15 Parkview MedLink

  • 21 Glenbrook/Coldwater/Dupont
  • 22 West Jefferson/Lutheran

98 campusLink

Route 1 Waynedale via Broadway/Northcrest[edit]

In 2002: The Route color on the system map was pink

In 2007: A new route to Waynedale started on October 1, 2007, was named 1A Waynedale via Social Securtity office that leaves Superior Street at :45 after the hour from 8:45 am until 4:45 pm. This new route to Waynedale returns to downtown without making a loop to neighborhoods west of Waynedale. The new route returns to Old Trial Road. In 2008 this alternating route was changed to every other hour rather than 1/2 hour with Hickory Creek on the odd hours and Social Security on the even hours.

In 2011: The X2 a Day Trip to Avalon Addition was removed due to no ridership making the bus run late.

In September 2012: Not servicing Foster Park Plaza on Inbound due to the move to the new central station. Also Northcrest leg alternating routes every other hour to Colony/Campus (odd hours) and River Cove (even hours).

Route 2 Time Corners/Georgetown[edit]

Route #2 Time Corners/Georgetown started Half-Hour Service in October 2004. Buses Depart :45 Starting at 6:10 am – 8:42 am and then restart for the afternoon rush hour at 2:45 pm until 6:20 pm.

2003: Route #2 color on the system map was Blue

2004: Started Half-hour service on #2 From 6:10 am – 8:42 am AND 2:45 pm until 6:20 pm, The #2 color on the system map changed to Light Green

2008: The Half-Hour Service was cut in 2008, due to service cuts

September 2012: #2 Georgetown started servicing Snider High School due to the move to the new central station

Route 3 Canterbury via IPFW/Village woods[edit]

Route #3 Canterbury via IPFW/ Village woods started Half-Hour Service in May 2004. Buses Depart at :15 and :45 Every Hour

2002: In 2002 #3 Village woods was extended to Ashley Court Apartments. Due to #5 Route Changes, lead to this extended route#3 to Ashley Court Apartments.

2003: Route #3's Color was Light Green on the System map in 2003

2004: #3 started Half-Hour Service All Day Until 8:45 pm. Route#3 color on the system map changed to Sea Green

2008: The half-hour service was cut with due to service cuts was getting make in September 2008.

Route 4 Wells/Ludwig and 4 Parkview[edit]

Route #4 Wells Ludwig and 4 Parkview Started Half-Hour Service in September 2006 From 5:45 am – 9:45 am then restart at 2:45 pm until 5:45 pm.

2000: 4 Parkview routing was changed, 4 Wells/Ludwig the route enter mejier northwest on Washington Center, and exit onto Lima Road on both Outbound and inbound trips

2003: Route #4 color on the System Map was Sea Green(Like #2 Today)

2004: Route #4 color on the system map changed to Orange.

2006: Half-Hour Service Started September 5, 2006 from 5:45 am – 9:45 am and 2:45 pm – 5:45 pm

2014: Half-Hour Service changed to mid-day 8:45-4:40.

Route 5 Southeast Local[edit]

In 2002: Route #5 Went from southtown Mall to Georgetown Square at the South end of the route was making a loop using Calhoun, Paulding, Fairfield, Anthony and Paulding. The #5 Service Southtown Square Apartments hourly, the Tamera Senior Villas was not on the routing in 2002. Here is the 2002 routing of the #5 service: State- Reed- Lake- Coliseum-Valve City- Kmart- Coliseum- Pontiac- Calhoun- Rudsill Plaza- Rudsill- Calhoun- Southgate Plaza- Calhoun- Paudling- Fairfield- Tillman- Anthony- Southtown Square Apartments- Anthony- Paudiling- Decatur- Scott's- Decatur- Paulding- Calhoun- Southgate Plaza- Calhoun- Rudisll- Rudsill plaza- Calhoun- Pontiac- Coliseum- Kmart- Valve City- Coliseum- Lake- Reed- State.

In 2003: Route #5 color on the system map was green.

In 2004: Route # 5 Went from Southtown Mall to IPFW/Ivy Tech Area at the South End of the route was making a loop using Calhoun, Paulding, Fairfield, Anthony, Paulding. The #5 serviced Southtown Square Apartments and Tamera Senior Villas hourly. Route #5 color changed to light purple. The 2004 routing was John-Tillman-Anthony- Southtown Square Apartments-Anthony- Paulding-Decatur- Scotts- Decatur- Paudling- Calhoun- Southgate- Calhoun- Rudsill- Rudsill Plaza- Calhoun- Pontiac -Coliseum- Crescent- Ivy Tech- IPFW- Coliseum- Pontiac- Hanna- Hanna-Cregtion Transit Center- Hanna- Pontiac- Calhoun- Rudsill Plaza- Rudsill- Calhoun- Southgate Plaza-Calhoun- Paulding- Fairfield -Tillman -John

In 2006: The loop changed from Calhoun, Paulding, Fairfield, Anthony, Paulding to Lafaytte, Tillman, Southtown Centre, Tillman, Lafayette, Tamera Senior Villas, back to Tillman Road. With service to Southtown Centre. Also Route #5 added service AADP in 2006 what service (X8 Trips a Day expect Saturdays)

In 2008: The Northern Part of the #5 was cut with the service cuts. The Southern Part of the #5 stay the some. The #5 route this Southtown Centre- Lafayette-John-Tamera Senior Villas-John- Tillman- Calhoun- Concord- Fairfield- Paulding- Calhoun- Southgate Plaza- Calhoun -Rudill- Rudisill Plaza- Calhoun- Pontiac- Central -Pontiac-Hanna- into Hanna-Cregtion Transit Center- Hanna-Pontiac- Calhoun- Rudisll Plaza- Rudisill, Calhoun, Southgate Plaza, Calhoun, Paulding, Fairfield, Concord, Tillman-John- Tamera Senior Villas- John- Lafayette- Southtown Centre.

Route 6 Centvilre/Franke Park/McKinnie[edit]

In Early 2000: This route name was 6 Gateway.

In September 2000: This route was renamed to 6 Centilvre/Franke Park. The route was changed. The route will be modified to operate via Main Street to Osage Street to Burgress St to St. Marys St on both inbound and outbound trips. Service on Wells Street will continue to be provided by Route 4. 6:15am,7:15am,2:15pm and 4:15pm trips operating into the Fort Wayne Industrial Park via Executive, Profit and Dividend Streets will be added. The Timepoint at Centilvre Village Apartments will change to :58 after the hour.

In 2003: The Color on the System Map for Route 6 was Red

In 2004: The color for #6 on the system map changed to Yellow. Trips on 6 McKinnie haves 4X Day trips to GTE

In 2008: The trips to GTE were discontinued with the move to Central Station.

Route 7 Anthony/Oxford[edit]

In 2000: An 8:15 pm trip was added.

In 2002: Route #7 Anthony oxford bus in 2002 only make a little loop using Anthony, Creighton, Oxford, Hanna and returning Downtown via Wallace, Hanna, Lewis, Lafayette, Calhoun into Superior Street Station. The route may use the some bus for :15 and :45 lineups.

In 2003: Route#7 color on the system map was: Light Purple

In 2004: The Loop what this route makes have changed a larger loop using Wallace, Cregtion, Anthony, Oxford, Hanna into Hanna-Cregition Transit Center. Return to Downtown by using Hanna, Lewis, Lafayette, Main, Calhoun into Superior Street Station. The route uses the some bus for the Full Hour Lineup and Half Hour Lineup. Route #7 color on the system map changed to Light Blue.

In 2006: The New Route for #7 started with a new name/Number The 7A Anthony via Creightonserves Anthony from Creighton to Lafayette with service to Hanna-Creighton Transit Center and Service Along Creighton. The 7a route Service is the lineup at :15 after the hour. With the 7 Anthony/Oxford is the Half-Hour service at :45 after the hour with service on oxford to Anthony. The service along Anthony Started in 2006. Both Routes 7 and 7A service Southtown Square Apartments and Southtown Centre.(This Route was modified September,2006)

In 2008: Route #7 Anthony/Oxford(Half-Hour)Saturday service was cut with only 7A Anthony via Creighton running on Saturdays.

Route 8 Northrop via Glenbrook/ Tillman Road via Calhoun[edit]

In 2002: #8 Tillman road via Calhoun was called 8 Southtown Mall via Calhoun. The routing of #8 Southtown Mall via Calhoun was: Clinton- Washington- Calhoun- Southgate Plaza- Paulding- Decatur- Tillman- Southtown Mall- Calhoun- Southgate Plaza- Calhoun to Superior Street Station.

In 2003: Route 8's Color on the 2003 System map was Orange

In 2004 the 8 Tillman via Calhoun bus was servicing Southtown Square Apartments (2x Day) and Tamera Senior Villas(1x Day) and Service South Bridge Apartments on EVERY Trip. Also in 2004 the route was making a loop at the end of the route using Paulding, Decatur, Tillman then Calhoun. Route #8 color on the system map changed to Blue. This route name have changed to 8 Tillman Road via Calhoun from #8 Southtown via Calhoun.

In 2006: The service to Southtown Square Apartments was replaced by route 7. Route #8 was now making a Loop in the Southtown Area into South Bridge Apartments, Prestwick Apartments and returning to Tillman Road, It returns to Downtown by using Tillman, Decatur, Paulding, to calhoun. The added service areas have IB Service also OB Service on Decatur Road, Paudling. Route #8 color on the system map changed to purple in 2006.

In 2007: The #8 Northrop via Glenbrook added 2 blocks of Cook Road by Northrop High School to better service in the Cook Road Area.

Route 9 St. Franics/Gateway and Brooklyn Ave[edit]

In Early 2000: The Name of this route was 9 St. Francis/Spring.

In September 2000: The Name of this route was rename to 9 St. Francis/Gateway. Service haven been change The Main and Leesburg(Outbound) timepoint will change to :53 after the hour. The Spring and Tyler timepoint will change to :53 after the hour. The Lindenwood and State timepoint will change to :58 after the hour. The Leesburg and Main(Inbound) Timepoint will change to :03 after the hour. (Data was find using wayback machine on to 2000 website)

In 2003: Route 9's color on the system map was Light Brown

In 2004: Route #9 Color on the system map changed to Brown '

Route 10 New Haven[edit]

In 2003: Route 10's color on the system map was Gray

In 2004: Route #10 Color on the system map was changed to Green.

Route 15 MedLink[edit]

In 2012, Was in Fort Wayne Journal Gazette on Saturday December 15, 2012 In 2013, Service began on Monday January 7, 2013 at 8:00 am departing from Parkview Randaillia Hospital to Parkview Regional Medical Center. Route funded by Parkview Health.

21 Glenbrook/Coldwater/Dupont Road[edit]

In 2003: Route 21's system map color was Dark Blue

In 2004: Route #21 system map color was Purple

22 West Jefferson/Lutheran[edit]

In 2000: 1 Additionial trip was added.

In 2003: Route 22's system map color was Purple

In 2004: Route #22 system map color was changed to red

Downtown Citiloop[edit]

In 2004: The downtown citiloop serviced started operating on weekdays (Monday-Friday) June 1-September 3 between 11:15 am – 1:15 pm. Transportation was provided by special arrangement with the designated trolley replica buses departing every 7−8 minutes in a route loop for the many major downtown Destinations. The Service is free.

In 2005: The routing was Spy Run, Superior, Calhoun, Main, Barr, Douglas, Harrison, Jefferson, Calhoun, Main and Lafayette.

In 2008: The summer lunch trolley - Citiloop was discontinued.

Ozone Action Day Free Fare days[edit]

Started in Summer of 2006 ended in 2011. A Pre-planned free fare day was Monday June 5, 2006. Another pre-planned free fare day was Thursday June 21, 2007.

Buses going into Downtown Routing[edit]

                      2 time Corners

pre-2006: Jefferson-Calhoun-into Superior Street Station

2006-now : Jefferson-Ewing-Main-Calhoun-Superior Street Station

                        4 Wells/Ludwig

pre-2006: Fairfield-Main-Calhoun-Superior Street Station

2006-now : Wells-Superior-Calhoun-Into Superior Street Station

                           4 Parkview

pre-2006- Washington-Lafayette-Berry-Calhoun- Into Superior Street Station

2006- now : Washington-Lafayette- Main-Calhoun into Superior Street station


Debuted in 2009, CampusLink is a free shuttle service for students, faculty, and the general public to travel between the Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne campus and Ivy Tech Community College's Coliseum and North campuses, as well as shopping and residential areas.[3] It is a free shuttle service Monday through Friday 7:30 am – 8:30 pm. It uses a green bus, says" campusLink" The Route takes, Crescent Ave, North Anthony, Campus Drive, White Drive, Blue Drive, Laeshe Drive, St. Joe Road, Roebuck Blvd, St. Joe Center Road, Evard Road, Reed Rd Service Hours campusLink operates during IPFW's and Ivy Tech's Fall and Spring Semester, Monday Through Friday,7:30 am – 8:30 pm. There is No Shuttle Service on Saturday, Sunday, Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break or Summer Break.

In Summer of 2012: The Citilink say the service will stay for two more years, the funding for this service will be share by IPFW and Ivy Tech until Spring of 2014. The Grant was ending in Spring of 2012.

In 2015: campusLink route was modified to serve primarily Ivy Tech Coliseum & North campus. IPFW funding was not renewed.


Adult one way: $1.25
Adult all day pass: $3.00
Adult 31 day pass: $45.00
Child/youth (ages 5–18)
Persons with disabilities
Senior citizens (60 and over)
red. one way $.60
red. all day pass $1.50
red. 10 ride card $6.00
red. 31 day pass $22.00
Youth summer pass: $25.00
Child under 5 (with supervision): FREE

Citilink's ridership[edit]

In February 2007: During a two-day Snow Emergency 6,000 trips during the two-day Snow Emergency. Information was released March 13, 2007.

In 2015 Citilink annual one way passenger trip ridership was 1,969,599.

Fares History[edit]

2002 Fares

  Regular Fare 19-59
  • Regular Fare $1.00
  • 31 Day Pass $45.00
  • 10-Ride Card $10.00
  • Ticket-to-ride $1.00
   Child Fare 5-18 
  • Regular Fare $.75
  • 10 Ride Card $7.50
  • Ticket-to-ride $.75
  • Children under 5 Free (With Supervision)

Hanna-Creighton Transit Center[edit]

Hanna-Creighton Transit Center is locationed at Hanna and Creighton in Southeast Fort Wayne. It was built in 2005 with the Pontiac Library, Fort Wayne Urban League and CANI Headstart. The Amentities at this transit center there are two bus huts for three buses − 5, 6 and 7. Easy access to Pontiac Library, CANI Headstart and Fort Wayne Urban League from this transit center. It has a circular drive for buses to pickup and dropoff. With a little waiting area in the Fort Wayne Urban League.

Bus fleet[edit]

On June 23, 2010, Citilink added seven new hybrid buses: 2015: 1554, 1555, 1556 and 1557 (40feet buses, mainly used on routes 4&8) 2014: 1472 (Used for FlexLink routes) 2013: 1349,1350, 1351,1352, 1353, 2012: 1247 and 1248

2011: 1193

2010 Hybrids: 1040,1041,1042,1043,1044,1045 and 1046

2009(Used for campusLink) 0936,0938

2009(Used for access) 0986,0984,0985

2008 0831,0832,0833,0834,0835 and 0836

2006 0629 and 0630

2002, 0221,0222,0223,0224,0225,0226,0227 and 0228

1998: 9807, 9808, 9806, 9809, 9810 and 9804 (All been retired)

The New Buses will replace the 1998 Fleet

2015: Citilink fleet consists of 37 fixed route buses (18 hybrid electric) and 16 demand response buses.

Citilink history[edit]

Mass transit in Fort Wayne really began in 1903 with the incorporation of Fort Wayne, Logansport, Lafayette & Lima Traction Co. There were short-lived horse-car services on major streets before that time, but none survived long enough to expand citywide.

This was what is today referred to as light rail. Individual cars, powered by electricity were operated by a motorman, with or without a conductor. Not only was intra-city transportation offered, but inter-urban as well. A number of systems were founded and investors merged them, so that by 1911 when it was reorganized as Fort Wayne Northern Indiana Traction Company, it reached Logansport, Bluffton and Wabash as well. In 1930, the company was purchased bu Indiana Service Company, who transferred the inter-urban operations yo Indiana Railroad.

Fort Wayne was the center of the American light rail system, and boasted the only full cloverleaf in the world at "Transfer Corner", the intersection of Calhoun and Main. Despite the low cost - 25-mile trip to Bluffton cost 50 cents and took 52 minutes - ridership of the interurban system plummeted after a 1910 crash near Bluffton killed forty, and under pressure from auto ownership, never again reached 1910 levels.

The traction company required power generation to operate. In 1907, Griswald reported The new power station of the Fort Wayne & Wabash Valley Traction Company was completed at a cost of $800,000. The building still exists as home for Science Central. As homeowners needed power for lighting at night, when there were no cars running, they sold the electricity to homeowners.

The interurban service of Indiana Railroad was discontinued in 1942, and the Fort Wayne rideeship was on its last legs when Fort Wayne bought the company in 1948, organizing power generation as City Light, and transportation as Fort Wayne Public Transit Corporation. Citilink is one of the service marks used by the PTC.

Ridership in 2011 was 2,011,992.

Prosposed route changes September 2012[edit]

1/1A Waynedale/Broadway − would not pull into Foster Park Plaza − Route 9 will

1/1A Northcrest-0 Alternate Stops into Farrington and River Cove Apartments Every other hour, New Sign will display "1A Northcrest" will service to River Cove Apartments

2 Time Corners- Only Downtown changes

2 Georgetown- Loop using Reed to Lake (Not Trier) will service Snider High School

3 Canterbury/IPFW Remove Loop through Canterbury Marketplace ends at Roebuck/ remove loop into Kettler Hall

3 Village Woods: Considering loop to cover Wayne Trace/Tillman/Hessen Cassel (3 Month Demo)

4 Wells/Ludwig: Remove 3X Day deviation to ITT/Cook Road. Changes route through Mejier Plaza on Outbound

4 Parkview: Coliseum to Vance to Hobson (Route 2 will serve Snider HS)

5 Southeast Local: No Changes, Does not go downtown

6 McKinnie: Remove GTE/Frontier Deviation add Oxford/Anthony Loop

6 Centilvre/ Franke Park: Remove Centilvre/Glenbrook Mall loop and adds Executive/Progress Loop formerly on included on route 9(AWS) and Sherman on the outbound

7/7A Anthony: No Change (Previously Change exit from Southtown Centre to Better Serve South Anthony)

8 Calhoun/Tillman Only Downtown changes

8 Northrop/Glenbrook: Turn around at Westfield(Across from Northrop) Instead of DiSalle

9 Brookyln Ave: Does not go to Elmhurst HS turns at Sand Point Road return via Kyle and Three Oaks

9 St. Francis does not go to AWS Route 6 will

10 New Haven: Remove Green/Powers/Broadway loop add Short/Hartzell/Green loop

21 Dupont/Glenbrook/ Coldwater- Minor Changes to Alternate Stops, Does not go Downtown

22 West Jefferson/Lutheran- No Changes, does not go downtown

98 campusLink- Considering stop at Walb Student Union, Does not go Downtown


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