Fort Wayne Derby Girls

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Fort Wayne Derby Girls
League logo
Metro area Fort Wayne, IN
Country United States
Founded 2005
Teams Bomb Squad (A team)
SWAT Team (B team)
The Academy (rookie team)
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Affiliations WFTDA

The Fort Wayne Derby Girls (FWDG) is a roller derby league based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Founded in 2005, the league currently consists of two teams which compete against teams from all over the United States and Canada.

FWDG was the first flat track roller derby league in Indiana,[1] founded in October 2005 by Danielle Abbott, who skates under the derby name "Little D Evil" and Tonya Vojtkofsky, who skates as "Minx".[2]

The league played its first exhibition bout in May 2006, to a crowd of 1,200 fans.[2] According to Amber Recker, the first skater to respond to Minx's call for a new team, "We kind of had to get butts in seats by playing up the fighting and more of the sexy aspect of it. As we've evolved... we're much more sports driven".[3] FWDG first played a team from another league in January 2007, when it took on the Gem City Rollergirls,[2] and, in the same month, it joined the Women's Flat Track Derby Association,[4] (and was announced as a new member by the WFTDA in May 2007)[5]and by mid-year was ranked 29th in the country.[1]

The league also focuses on charitable fundraising, and had donated more than $26,000 to charities by June 2008,[6] and $110,000 by September 2013.[7] In 2009, it formed a B team, scrapping its intraleague teams.[8]

FWDG hosts the annual Spring Roll tournament, featuring women's, men's and junior roller derby tournaments.[9]

Season Q4 ranking[10] Regionals Championship
2007 29[11] DNQ DNQ
2008 6 DNQ DNQ
2009 14 DNQ DNQ
2010 15 DNQ DNQ
2011 14 DNQ DNQ
2012 16 DNQ DNQ


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