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The Texas Regulators was an indoor football team that played in the American Professional Football League in 2007 and 2008.

In 2007, they joined the APFL and were to play as the "Fort Worth Regulators". However, arena problems forced them to cancel all home games. The only away games they played were league games against Conroe Storm and an exhibition game against Beaumont Drillers. For 2008 season, they appeared to be start again and but failed to play out the season.


The Regulators were also the Fort Worth Sixers of the NIFL. They played in the schedule slot of the Sixers (the NIFL was in its final season as a league at the time) who were also scheduled to play home games at the Cowtown Coliseum in the Fort Worth Stockyards. The NIFL put a deposit down to hold dates and were to follow up with the playing surface for a home game but the league was falling apart and they couldn't send a turf field. This left the team with no home dates. The Regulators were part of both the APFL and NIFL in 2007 and played both Beaumont and Conroe. Beaumont was a member of the NIFL and played the Regulators twice, defeating them both times. The Regulators played Conroe as a filler game because no APFL team scheduled for the date could make the travel.

The 2008 season found the APFL as a league in turmoil as the Regulators played both Conroe and Beaumont also members at the time of the APFL on back to back dates the team traveled to Conroe for a Saturday night game and traveled to Beaumont the next morning for a Sunday afternoon game verse Beaumont as the league game Beaumont was to play fell through the opponent couldn't make the travel and the owners of Beaumont and the Regulators Will Williams decided to work it out so that Beaumont wouldn't take a loss at the gate or not having a game.

The Regulators final game was held in the American Airlines Center in Dallas where they faced Beaumont. The APFL decided after that game the Regulators would not finish the season schedule over a dispute over the game officials used. The APFL Commissioner wanted officials he sent used for a home game even though the Regulators were supposed to be able to use officials they chose. The league denied the Regulators remaining games be played.

This shurdown also affected both Conroe and Beaumont as they were the only other Texas teams in the league. Both suffered as they lost out on games and essentially shutdown. The season ended with Beaumont putting half a team together to play for the APFL championship and folded afterwards. Conroe did the same.

The Regulators were an outdoor football organization before entering the indoor game. They were 8-2 and 7-3 the final two outdoor seasons involved in semi-pro football. They no longer operate in semi pro football.