Fort York (provincial electoral district)

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Fort York
Ontario electoral district
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Ontario
District created 1987
District abolished 1999
First contested 1987
Last contested 1995
Census divisions Toronto
Census subdivisions Toronto

Fort York was a provincial electoral district in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was created in 1987 and was subsequently abolished in 1999 when the ridings were redistributed to match their federal counterparts. The riding had only two representatives:


The riding occupied the central downtown area of Toronto. The western border zigzagged from the Lake along Atlantic Avenue, Dovercourt Road and Ossington Avenue to Bloor Street. It then followed Bloor east to Bathurst Street, then south on Bathurst to College Street, then east on College and then on Carlton Street past Yonge Street to Sherbourne Street. It then went south on Sherbourne to the lake. It then followed the lakeshore west back to Atlantic. The riding also included the Toronto Islands.

Members of Provincial Parliament[edit]

Fort York
Assembly Years Member Party
Created from parts of St. Andrew—St. Patrick, Dovercourt, Bellwoods, and St. George in 1987
34th  1987–1990     Bob Wong Liberal
35th  1990–1995     Rosario Marchese New Democratic
36th  1995–1999
Sourced from the Ontario Legislative Assembly[1]
Merged into Trinity—Spadina and Toronto Centre after 1996

Electoral results[edit]

Ontario general election, 1987: Fort York
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Bob Wong 8,951 43.9
New Democratic Joe Pantalone 8,795 43.2
Conservative Tom Pang 1,534 7.5
Libertarian Paul Barker 364 1.8
Green Andrew Scorer 221 1.1
Freedom Glen J. Magder 174 0.9
Independent Bill Wheton 167 0.8
Independent Ronald Rodgers 161 0.8
Source: "How Metro-Area Voted". The Toronto Daily Star. Toronto. 1987-09-11. p. A12. 
147 out of 159 polls reporting.
Ontario general election, 1990
Party Candidate Votes[2][nb 1] Vote %
    New Democrat Rosario Marchese 10,801 46.8
    Liberal Bob Wong 9,256 40.1
    Conservative John Pepalt 2,191 9.5
Libertarian Paul Barker 519 2.2
    Independent Ronald Rodgers 331 1.4
Total 23,098
Ontario general election, 1995
Party Candidate Votes[3] Vote %
    New Democrat Rosario Marchese 10,762 41.0
    Liberal Bob Wong 8,482 32.3
    Conservative Jacob Ginsberg 6,025 23.0
Green Kevin Ells 300 1.1
Libertarian Paul Barker 266 1.0
    Independent Matthew Shepherd 140 0.5
    Natural Law Maurice Seguin 133 0.5
    Independent John Steele 129 0.5
Total 26,237



  1. ^ 141 out of 164 polls reporting.


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