Fort of Planoise

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Fort of Planoise
Fort de Planoise.JPG
General view of the fort
General information
Town or city Besançon-Planoise
Country France
Construction started 1877–1882
Client City of Besançon
Owner City of Besançon
Technical details
Size 4

The fort of Planoise is a fortification located on the summit of the hill of Planoise, in Besançon (Franche-Comté, France). Although its location was extremely strategic, the fort was not used during the first nor second World War.[1]


The monument was built in 1877 to 1882, on the summit of the hill of Planoise (at 490m), to defend the city of Besançon. In the 1930s, the fort was abandoned, and in 1949 Emmaus homeless charity rented the Planoise fort for offices.


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Coordinates: 47°12′27″N 5°58′54″E / 47.2076°N 5.98163°E / 47.2076; 5.98163


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