Fortanerius Vassalli

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Fortanerius Vassalli

Fortanerius Vassalli (died October 1361) was an Italian[1] Franciscan, who became Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, and a cardinal[2] a few weeks before he died. He died on the way to Avignon.

He held a wide variety of ecclesiastical posts.[3] He was Patriarch of Grado. He attacked the Manfredi of Faenza.[4] He was Archbishop of Ravenna (1348 in one source,[5] stepping down as minister general, but in other sources 1342-7) and Patriarch of Venice.[6] He was also appointed Archdeacon of London late in 1361,[7] and Prebendary of St. Paul's.[8]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Gerardus Odonis
Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor
Succeeded by
Guillaume Farinier