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This article is about the scorewriter Forte. For other uses, see Forte (disambiguation).
Forte notation program
Forte notation-program Logo phpBB.gif
Forte application interface
Developer(s) Lugert Verlag GmbH
Stable release Forte 6.0
Development status Active
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Size 62 MB (Premium version)
Available in German, English
Type Scorewriter (Music notation)
License Proprietary software

Forte is a music notation program or Scorewriter developed by the German company Lugert Verlag located in Handorf. The software name stems from a basic dynamic indication in music known as forte which means "loud".[1][2] The program is available in German and English.[3][4]


The first version of Forte appeared in 2005 and other versions appeared successively in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.[5] The latest version, FORTE 6.0 was published in 2015.[6][7] Forte is being "used by people and institutions from more than 40 countries", claims its publisher,[7] which specializes in books, materials and magazines for musical education in schools, besides the scorewriter.[5]


The program can import MIDI, MusicXML and karaoke files, it can also export songs as MIDI and MusicXML files so that it can be shared with other tools, it allows to save songs as a JPEG, TIFF or EPS files. It can import the CapXML file format of the Capella notation program.[3][4] There are three main tools that include the Music Ruler that allows to enter notes, the audio sequencer that allows to record or import audio and play it in conjunction with their composition and the complex scores that allows to write elaborate pieces.


The program is published in four versions,[8] with different sets of features, ranging in prices from $199 down to $15, and at no charge, the Free version.[9][10]

Premium Includes features such as Build-in scan module, 32 staves/tracks max, 4 voices pro stave/ track max, 16 lyric verses pro stave/ track max, Build-in scan module, Export of MusicXML, Import of MusicXML, VST-interface/VST-effects.

Home Includes features such as 16 staves/tracks max, 2 voices pro stave/ track max, 6 lyric verses pro stave/ track max, Compound meter, Pickup meter.

Basic Includes features such as 4 staves/tracks max, 2 voices pro stave/ track max, 2 lyric verses pro stave/ track max.

Free Includes features such as 1 staves/tracks max, 2 voices pro stave/ track max, 1 lyric verses pro stave/ track max.

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