Forte Albertino

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View of the fortress with Vinadio in the background.

The Forte Albertino (also Forte di Vinadio) is a fortress in Vinadio, Piedmont, northern Italy, located outside the town on the Stura di Demonte river valley.

Its walls have a length of about 1,200 m, with a total of 10 km internal paths on three levels.

It was built from 1834 by order of Charles Albert of Savoy on a strategic position, from which it was possible to command the surrounding valleys near to the French border. 4,000 workers came from Piedmont and Lombardy for the construction, which was finished in 1847 after a pause in 1837-1839.

During World War II, it was bombed by the Allies, and later abandoned.

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Coordinates: 44°18′22″N 7°10′21″E / 44.3062°N 7.1725°E / 44.3062; 7.1725