Forth and Clyde Junction Railway

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Forth and Clyde Junction Railway
Caledonian and Dunbartonshire
Junction Railway
Balloch Central
Forth and Clyde Junction
Caledonian and Dunbartonshire
Junction Railway
Dalmonach (Croftengea) Siding
Strathendrick and Aberfoyle Railway
Gartness Junction
Buchlyvie Junction
Strathendrick and Aberfoyle Railway
Port of Menteith
Scottish Central Railway
Balloch Line (Stirling North) Junction
Scottish Central Railway

The Forth and Clyde Junction Railway was a railway line in Scotland which ran from Balloch to Stirling.

It shared a short stretch from Gartness Junction to Buchlyvie Junction with the Strathendrick and Aberfoyle Railway.


The line was opened on 25 May 1856 and operated by the North British Railway.

It is unlikely that the line was ever particularly viable, since it ran through a rural area without any town of any size, largely following the route of an old military road. Some of the stations were not particularly near the village they served e.g. Drymen station was really in the smaller village of Croftamie, and Balfron station was not very near Balfron (probably the largest village on its route) which led to a hamlet of Balfron Station growing up at the station.


The line was closed as a through route for passenger traffic on 1 October 1934, quite some years before the Beeching Axe, although the Strathendrick and Aberfoyle Railway remained open for passenger traffic until 1951. The various sections were then progressively closed to passengers and freight:

  • 1 November 1950
Closed for freight Drymen to Gartness Junction, and Buchlyvie Junction to Mye Siding
  • 29 September 1951
Closed for passengers Gartness Junction and Buchlyvie Junction
  • 1 December 1952
Closed for freight Mye Siding to Port of Monteith
  • 5 October 1959
Closed for freight Gartness Junction to Buchlyvie Junction, Jamestown to Drymen, and Port of Monteith to Stirling
  • 1 September 1964
Closed for freight Croftengea Siding to Jamestown (this stretch included a bridge over the River Leven which is now a footbridge).
  • 9 April 1965
Closed for freight Forth and Clyde Junction to Croftengea Siding

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