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The Fortitude
Name: Fortitude
Builder: Tindall, Scarborough
Launched: 1842
General characteristics
Class and type: Barque
Tons burthen: 608 tons, 640 tons, or 750 tons burthen.[1]

Fortitude was a sailing ship. In 1848-9, she was the first of three ships chartered by the Rev Dr John Dunmore Lang to bring free immigrants to Brisbane, Australia, arriving on 21 January 1849; the other ships being the Chaseley (arriving on 1 May 1849) and the Lima (arriving on 3 November 1849).[2]

Captained by John Christmas, with the medical superintendent Henry Challinor, she departed Gravesend on 14 September 1848, arriving Moreton Bay on 21 January 1849.[1][3][4] Fortitude Valley (where many of the immigrants settled) is named in her honor.[5]

Notable immigrants on the Fortitude[edit]


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