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Developer(s) Moneyspire Inc.
Stable release
Operating system Cross-platform (Windows, macOS)
Type Accounting software
License Proprietary

Moneyspire (formerly Fortora Fresh Finance) is personal finance software and small business accounting software developed by Moneyspire Inc. The software is available in two versions, one for Windows and another for macOS. The software tracks accounts, loans, bills, investments and budgets. Professional looking invoices can also be created and tracked in the Pro edition of Moneyspire. It imports data from QIF, OFX, QFX and CSV files.[1] Moneyspire has the ability to use its financial data files interchangeably between the Mac and Windows versions of the software, thus making the software a viable choice for people who use both PCs and Macs.[2] Moneyspire can also manage accounts from multiple currencies, and automatically track exchange rates and transfers between foreign accounts.

Reviewers concluded that it was a simple product and very easy to set up. It lacks any features for tax, and has no direct support for UK banks apart from simply importing bank statements.[3]

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