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The Fortress Stadium (shortened as simply Fortress) is a popular open space consisting of shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and entertainment areas and a sports stadium. It is located Lahore Cantt, Lahore, Pakistan. Among the likes of M. M. Alam road and Liberty in Gulberg, this area is a popular locale for the urban youth in Lahore. Fortress Stadium is also one of the most busy commercial areas of the city. The Chairman and Management of Fortress Stadium are serving and retired army officers. Brigadier Sikandar Khan was the Chairman Fortress Stadium (Lahore) from 2012 to 2013.


Fortress Stadium is a large shopping complex in nature. Number of boutiques along the Fortress Stadium offer trendy ready to wear formal and casual wear for ladies, gents and for kids. There is a tremendous range of shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, designers’ jewellery, decorations, gifts, toys and other accessories. Fortress Stadium also features a number of classical and fast-food restaurants,like Mc.Donalds is the main attraction for kids due to the play area and food.In Fortress Stadium there are a lot of play areas and rides in Joy Land, the most population of people is over there due to its enjoyable rides.

Most popular attractions include:

National Horse and Cattle Show[edit]

The Stadium is the site of the famous ‘National Horse and Cattle Show’ which is one of the most famous festivals of Lahore. This includes a display of livestock, but also many spectacular feats of horsemanship, tent pegging, dressage, camel dancing, racing, folk dances, pomp, pageantry, mass-band displays and grand fireworks in the evening. It was accompanied by exhibition displaying Pakistani craftsmanship and industry.

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