Fortunatus of Todi

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Saint Fortunatus of Todi
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Major shrineTodi
FeastOctober 14

Saint Fortunatus (died 537) was a 6th-century bishop of Todi.[1] According to tradition, he defended Todi during a Gothic siege.[2] He is the patron saint of Todi. He is praised by Gregory the Great, who calls him a man of great virtue who took great care in attending to the sick.[3] Gregory, who was born around the time that Fortunatus died, was greatly interested in Fortunatus' life. Gregory writes that "a certain poor old man was brought to me –because I always love to talk with such men- of whom I inquired his country, and hearing that he was of the city of Todi, I asked him whether he knew Bishop Fortunatus. He said he knew him very well. 'Then I beseech you,' said I, 'tell me whether you know of any miracles that he did, and, since I am very desirous to know, explained to me what manner of man he was.'"[4]


The church of San Fortunato in Todi is dedicated to him and holds his relics. San Fortunato began as a Palaeo-Christian temple (7th century) and in 1292 the construction of a new Gothic edifice was begun by the Franciscans, with a "hall" structure. The crypt houses a sepulchre containing the remains of Fortunatus and other saints, as well as the tomb of Jacopone da Todi.

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