Forty Fort

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For the city in Pennsylvania, see Forty Fort, Pennsylvania.
Forty Fort
Forty Fort is located in Pennsylvania
Forty Fort
Former location of Forty Fort in Pennsylvania
Location US 11 (Wyoming Ave.) & River St., Forty Fort, Pennsylvania
Coordinates 41°17′07″N 75°52′23″W / 41.28528°N 75.87304°W / 41.28528; -75.87304
Built/founded 1770
PA marker dedicated October 13, 1947

Forty Fort was a stronghold built by settlers from Westmoreland County, Connecticut, on the Susquehanna River in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. During the American Revolutionary War, both Connecticut and Pennsylvania claimed this territory, as Connecticut laid claim to a wide swath of land to the west.

This fort became a refuge for displaced settlers during the Battle of Wyoming in 1778, in which Zebulon Butler's force of Continental and allied Indians was defeated by the far larger force of Loyalists and their Indian allies.