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Not to be confused with Forum Group.
Forum Media Group Gmbh
Private limited company
Industry Media
Founded 1988
Founder Ronald Herkert
Headquarters Merching, Germany
Key people
Ronald Herkert
Products Loose leaf, books, magazines, software, etc.
Revenue €90 Million (2014)
Number of employees
970 (2014)

The Forum Media Group (FMG) is an international publishing company with headquarters in Bavaria, Germany, founded in 1988. Mr Ronald Herkert is founder as well as managing partner of the Forum Media Group.[1]

Today the FMG consists of 22 subsidiaries in 16 countries. After a further acquisition in Canada (2014) the media group generates a total turnover of approx. 90 million euros and employs 970 people worldwide. [1] FMG is ranking on place 44 of the "100 largest publishing houses in Germany" (2014).[2]

Business units[edit]

The core business is in the B2B field. In the B2B area publishing houses prepare professional information and distribute it to their target groups. Beside the classical print media like loose leaf, books and magazine the portfolio contains digital media like software, DVDs, newsletter, online-solutions and web-portals. The media houses also organize conferences, seminars and special training for managers.

Some publishers in the FMG are focussed on consumers. e.g. DoldeMedien Verlag in Stuttgart publishes magazines, yearbooks and online publications on "mobile leisure", "travel" and "outdoor".

The countries where the group operates are:


  • In the years 2003, 2005, 2009 and 2011 the FMG was honored with the Bavarian economic price for the best growing companies in Bavaria [3]
  • In 2008 the Slovenian subsidiary company received a “Golden Thread Award” for being one of the five best employers in Slovenia in 2007 [4]
  • In 2007 the Polish subsidiary company received the “Business Leopard” for one of the most dynamic companies among media and publishing sector [4]


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