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The Forum for Philosophy (previously, the Forum for European Philosophy, 1996–2018), founded in 1996, is a nonprofit philosophical organization whose purpose is to promote philosophy. The Forum is not aligned with any particular school of philosophical thought and its aim is to make philosophy accessible to the largest number of people. The organization hosts free weekly discussions in the London School of Economics, from which it produces regular podcasts. The Forum also publishes an essay series.


The Forum supports the following:[citation needed]

  • Free, weekly discussions
  • Podcasts
  • Essays
  • Thinking in Public grant[1]
  • Co-sponsor of the annual SEP-FEP conference[2]


Alan Bekhor
Remo Bodei
Vincent Descombes
Axel Honneth
Onora O’Neill
Quentin Skinner
Charles Taylor
Position Name Years
President Paul Flather 2018-
Emeritus President Alan Montefiore 1996-2018
Chair Catherine Audard 1996-
Vice Chair Hillary Lawson
Hon. Treasurer Stephen Lewis
Director Elizabeth Hannon 2018-
Fellow Shahidha Bari 2016-
Fellow Jonathan Birch 2015-
Fellow Sarah Fine 2017-
Fellow Clare Moriarty 2017-
Fellow Danielle Sands 2015-
Position Name Years
Director Simon Glendinning 2004-18
Fellow Peter Dennis 2014-17
Fellow Tali Sharot 2014-15
Fellow Bryan Roberts 2014-15
Fellow Gabriel Wollner 2014-15
Deputy Director Kristina Musholt
Associate Director Juliana Cardinale -2015


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