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Full nameForum for Information Technology Employees
Founded29 December 2014
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Office locationChennai, Maharashtra, Karnataka

The Forum for IT Employees (FITE)[1] is an Indian non-partisan IT employees' union; based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with additional offices in Maharashtra[2] and Karnataka.[3] The Forum was established in 2014 during the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) lay-offs,[4] and has since worked to support workers in the field, notably Cognizant employees affected by the 2017 lay-offs .


Tamil Nadu[edit]

Based in Chennai, the Tamil Nadu chapter focuses on the welfare and rights of employees of IT companies in the area. Formed in 2014 in response to staffing cuts at Tata Consultancy Services[5] many employees approached FITE for legal support and to secure workers rights. In May 2017, following cuts[6] at major Cognizant locations[7] including Chennai[8] and Bangalore (Bengaluru)[9], FITE representatives filed petitions on behalf of employees to the Chennai Labour Commissioner's office, seeking their intervention to secure employees' rights.[10] In 2017 FITE took this issue to the Department of Labour and Employment (Tamil Nadu), alleging that Cognizant[11] forced employees to resign.


In December 2017, the Maharashtra chapter of FITE, based in Pune, officially became a registered trade union[12] and received registration number PN4845[13] under the Trade Unions Act of 1926.[14]


In June 2017, representatives of the Karnataka chapter of FITE met with the Karnataka Labour Commissioner during the layoffs at the Tech Mahindra and Wipro[15] Bangalore offices. FITE submitted two petitions on behalf of four employees affected by the Tech Mahindra[16] lay-offs.

On 3 August 2018, Karnataka chapter representatives met[17] with researchers from the International Labour Organization (ILO)[18] at Adarsh Hamilton in Bangalore. A team of researchers from the ILO invited FITE to discuss "The Future of Work in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)” as part of their research work.


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