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Forum for the Future is a registered charity and non-profit organisation that works in partnership with business, government and civil society to accelerate the shift toward a sustainable future. It works by catalysing change in key global systems (energy, food, apparel, shipping). It has an annual turnover of around £5.2 million and employs 66 staff.[1] The current CEO is Sally Uren OBE[2] and the offices are based in the United Kingdom, United States, India and Singapore.

It runs partnerships with more than 100 organisations across business and the public sector to incorporate the principles of sustainable development.

From 1996-2016 the organisation ran a Masters course, 'Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development'. This was run in partnership with the University of Middlesex and the Leadership Trust.[3][4] It now runs the 'School of System Change', a course for mid-career professionals to learn how to become system change agents.

Forum for the Future was founded in 1996, by Paul Ekins, Sara Parkin and Jonathon Porritt.[5]


The Forum used to publish a magazine called Green Futures which highlights news stories on the environment, sustainable development and green innovation.


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